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Journey to the Cross: 40 Days of Discovery (Paperback)
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Most trips have a final destination -- an end point.  The Journey to the Cross appears to end at the empty tomb.  But each time we journey with Christ to the cross, we are moved and transformed by the discovery of the love of God that compelled him to make such a sacrifice for us.  When we are touched by this love, we are profoundly changed.  That's what this journey will do -- give you a deeper appreciation for what God has done for you, a renewed passion to follow Christ daily and a fresh eagerness to run from the empty tomb and share Christ with all you meet.
Miracle Money (Paperback)
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There are different kinds of money. Some comes from labor...It's called wages or "earned money."  Money that comes from departed relatives is called "inherited money".  And money that comes by way of lottery, a contest, a drawing, or such would be called "chance money."  There is also "dirty money" that would come from stolen or lost money.    However, this book deals with MIRACLE MONEY...the special money God miraculously gives to His children.  It's filled with encouraging testimonies of people who have experienced God's blessing in just this way.
Armed and Dangerous: Straight Answers From The Bible (Paperback)
Donation Amount: $9.00

You could be Armed and Dangerous! Armed....with the Word of God it's the best weapon to confront the forces of Satan at work in our world. Dangerous....because you possess knowledge that could change attitudes, hearts, and maybe the world! This book will help you find the answers to today's tough topics from abortion to war - from the most reliable source...God's Word!
How to Keep Your Life in Focus - Garth W. Coonce (Paperback)
Donation Amount: $9.00

In this book, Dr. Garth Coonce shares his experiences of being led by the Holy Spirit and how important it is to keep yourself focused to accomplish the purpose and plan God has for your life. Hear the story of how millions have been reached through Christian television because one man responded to God's voice and vision.
God Keeps His Promises (Paperback)
Donation Amount: $9.00

The Old Testament contains hundreds of promises from God stating that He will send His people a Messiah to save and deliver them.  These are not vague, general promises.  They foretell explicit details concerning His birth, His family, His life, and His death.  In this book proof is set forth in a clear, simple style -- in the words of the Old Testament and new Testament themselves.  Now you can personally compare each Old Testament promise and its New Testament fulfillment, presented side by side.
Marking Your Children for God - Anne Gimenez (Paperback)
Donation Amount: $9.00

Have you ever felt helpless to keep your kids Christian?  Have you ever said something like this:  "I know there is no guarantee when it comes to raising children.  They all have to rebel, I just hope mine will come back to the Lord some day..."  Author, pastor, and speaker, Anne Giminez, challenges parents who adopt this "hands-off" approach.  She is convinced mothers and fathers must be active rather than passive and direct rather than indirect in shaping the character of their teenage children.  Your prayers, example, teaching and training are just some of the ways He has given you for fulfilling this high calling.
Road to Repentance, The - Marvin E. Gorman
Donation Amount: $9.00

Marvin Gorman knows what it is to reap the devastating consequences of sin.  He was at the highest peak of his ministerial career when his world was turned upside down almost overnight.  He felt his life crumbling down around him as the true account of his sin, along with grossly exaggerated accusations, was broadcasted across the country and around the world.  In this book, Marvin Gorman describes his journey on the Road to Repentance and shares the hope of reconciliation to God and family.
God's Creative Power For Finances - Charles & Annette Capps (Paperback)
Donation Amount: $10.00

Your words can change your finances.
Words are the most powerful things in the universe today.
They can defeat you or they can bring you life. They can make the difference in your finances and your well-being. God created the universe by speaking it into existence and He has given you that same ability. Learn to turn your financial situation around by following the powerful principles of faith contained in this book. Don’t live another day in lack – start releasing the ability of God through faith-filled words!
29 pages, dimensions 5.5 x 3.5 inches
Quantum Faith© - Annette Capps (Paperback)
Donation Amount: $10.00

How does quantum physics relate to the Bible?
Can words move mountains?
How did Jesus supersede the laws of physics?

There are amazing similarities between the teachings of Jesus and the discoveries of the new physics, quantum theory. The concept of speaking to mountains and trees may not be religious metaphor, but laws of a new physics that have not been fully understood.

Jesus taught that our words are powerful enough to move physical matter. Quantum physics has discovered that subatomic particles respond to the observer.

In this book, you will discover that your words and your faith (beliefs) are unseen forces that affect everything in your world. You are the one giving substance to your world through words!
34 pages, dimensions 5.5 x 3.5 inches
Maker's Diet, the - Jordan Rubin (Paperback)
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Biblically based and scientifically proven... The Maker's Diet uses a truly holistic approach to health.  This groundbreaking book leads you on a journey that will change your life.  Discover how Jordan Rubin's faith-based journey from near death to vital health led him to uncover the timeless principles of the world's healthiest people.  By following The Maker's Diet, your health dreams can become a reality.