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Miracle Money (Paperback) Miracle Money (Paperback)

There are different kinds of money. Some comes from labor...It's called wages or "earned money."  Money that comes from departed relatives is called "inherited money".  And money that comes by way of lottery, a contest, a drawing, or such would be called "chance money."  There is also "dirty money" that would come from stolen or lost money.    However, this book deals with MIRACLE MONEY...the special money God miraculously gives to His children.  It's filled with encouraging testimonies of people who have experienced God's blessing in just this way.

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Marking Your Children for God - Anne Gimenez (Paperback) Marking Your Children for God - Anne Gimenez (Paperback)

Have you ever felt helpless to keep your kids Christian?  Have you ever said something like this:  "I know there is no guarantee when it comes to raising children.  They all have to rebel, I just hope mine will come back to the Lord some day..."  Author, pastor, and speaker, Anne Giminez, challenges parents who adopt this "hands-off" approach.  She is convinced mothers and fathers must be active rather than passive and direct rather than indirect in shaping the character of their teenage children.  Your prayers, example, teaching and training are just some of the ways He has given you for fulfilling this high calling.

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Road to Repentance, The - Marvin E. Gorman Road to Repentance, The - Marvin E. Gorman

Marvin Gorman knows what it is to reap the devastating consequences of sin.  He was at the highest peak of his ministerial career when his world was turned upside down almost overnight.  He felt his life crumbling down around him as the true account of his sin, along with grossly exaggerated accusations, was broadcasted across the country and around the world.  In this book, Marvin Gorman describes his journey on the Road to Repentance and shares the hope of reconciliation to God and family.

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God's Creative Power For Finances - Charles & Annette Capps (Paperback) God's Creative Power For Finances - Charles & Annette Capps (Paperback)

Your words can change your finances.
Words are the most powerful things in the universe today.
They can defeat you or they can bring you life. They can make the difference in your finances and your well-being. God created the universe by speaking it into existence and He has given you that same ability. Learn to turn your financial situation around by following the powerful principles of faith contained in this book. Don’t live another day in lack – start releasing the ability of God through faith-filled words!
29 pages, dimensions 5.5 x 3.5 inches

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Quantum Faith© - Annette Capps (Paperback) Quantum Faith© - Annette Capps (Paperback)

How does quantum physics relate to the Bible?
Can words move mountains?
How did Jesus supersede the laws of physics?

There are amazing similarities between the teachings of Jesus and the discoveries of the new physics, quantum theory. The concept of speaking to mountains and trees may not be religious metaphor, but laws of a new physics that have not been fully understood.

Jesus taught that our words are powerful enough to move physical matter. Quantum physics has discovered that subatomic particles respond to the observer.

In this book, you will discover that your words and your faith (beliefs) are unseen forces that affect everything in your world. You are the one giving substance to your world through words!
34 pages, dimensions 5.5 x 3.5 inches

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How to Keep Your Life in Focus - Garth W. Coonce (Paperback) How to Keep Your Life in Focus - Garth W. Coonce (Paperback)

In this book, Dr. Garth Coonce shares his experiences of being led by the Holy Spirit and how important it is to keep yourself focused to accomplish the purpose and plan God has for your life. Hear the story of how millions have been reached through Christian television because one man responded to God's voice and vision.

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Integrity: How I Lost It, and My Journey Back - Richard Dortch (Paperback) Integrity: How I Lost It, and My Journey Back - Richard Dortch (Paperback)

The incredible story of the ordeal and one man's plight through that tumultuous time of the "Fall of PTL" is chronicled in this book.  Richard Dortch, former PTL President, candidly discusses what really happened.  He shares with the reader how he has faced his own problems, coped with criticism and condemnation, admitted his own guilt, and received forgiveness from God and man.  An important and inspiring message on integrity.

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Faith Works Now Book of Daily Faith Proclamations - Gary McSpadden (Paperback) Faith Works Now Book of Daily Faith Proclamations - Gary McSpadden (Paperback)

"Daily Faith Proclamations", is filled with nine proclamations founded from the Word of God.  As you speak these proclamations and God's Word over your life, you will see the beginning of a change in your life.

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Great Physician's Rx for Health and Wellness, The - Jordan Rubin (Paperback) Great Physician's Rx for Health and Wellness, The - Jordan Rubin (Paperback)

At the age of 19, Jordan Rubin was a healthy 6'1" college student weighing 180 pounds.  But in a matter of months, his health greatly deteriorated as his body fought more than eighteen serious health conditions and diseases.  In a desperate search to save his life, Jordan sought medical advice from more than 70 health professionals but to no avail.  Now ten years later, Jordan Rubin is fully recovered and devoting his life to sharing God's ideal health plan contained in The Great Physician's Rx for Health and Wellness.

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Anatomy of Marriage, The - Dr. Lonnie W. Brown (Paperback) Anatomy of Marriage, The - Dr. Lonnie W. Brown (Paperback)

The Anatomy of Marriage takes to heart God's original intent for the covenant of marriage...

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Backfired - William Federer (Paperback) Backfired - William Federer (Paperback)

How did America go from Pilgrims seeking freedom to express their Christian beliefs to today's discrimination against those very beliefs in the name of tolerance? Federer investigates.

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Good Life, A - Melanie Walker (Paperback) Good Life, A - Melanie Walker (Paperback)

Some people think when you give your heart to Christ, you are not supposed to have any problems - which, of course, not the case at all.

Every child of God experiences difficulties in their walk with God. At times, you may even feel as though you are alone. "Where is the abundant life the scripture promises?"

Melanie has come up with some helpful ways in which she shows you how to overcome the obstacles life throws at you with the help of the Holy Spirit. Together in Christ, you can experience "A Good Life" too.

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Each Step I Take ...closer to home - Beverly Lamar Hils (Paperback) Each Step I Take ...closer to home - Beverly Lamar Hils (Paperback)

No one could accuse Beverly Hils of having a "milk-toast" personality.  She is as feisty as her red hair affirms.  (She once kicked a preacher in the shins!)  She is as sharp and unwavering as the spike heels she is known for.  She may be of diminutive size. But she once scaled an upper balcony and climbed into a window in the middle of the night.  Although she did play a sort of "blind-man's-bluff" with another minister during church service, when it comes to the things of God, she plays no games.    Who is this spirited lady exemplifying a passion for excellence, bulldog tenacity and the faith of a contemporary Apostle Paul?  By her friends and colleagues, she has received accolades and tributes of "a woman of determination, strength, and faithfulness with a love of people and a love of laughter.  She has a shepherd's heart....with a sassy and classy style.    Read about Beverly's earliest beginnings, her trials and her triumphs.  Discover the truth about a hidden and shameful "secret" that she told no one for years.  Learn how she was saved from being swallowed by an earthquake.  Walk through some of her darkest times when gangrene took her legs and almost her life.    Be prepared to laugh, to cry and be inspired.  As you take each step with Beverly, revealing tragedy and triumph, you will see a woman with a purpose and a God-inspired plan.  You will see a woman who does not give up but continues to strive, to love and to take those steps closer to home.    The ways of right living people glow with light; the longer they live, the brighter they shine.  (Proverbs 4:18 The Message)

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What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur'an - William Federer (Paperback) What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur'an - William Federer (Paperback)

You will be fascinated by this fast-paced, objective history of the world from a perspective you have never imagined. Current events will come into focus in the back drop of 1,400 years of inconceivable yet true events and conflicts. Thousands of books, documents and articles have been researched over several years in preparation for this book.

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Fighting Fear With Your Faith - Dr. Lonnie W. Brown (Paperback) Fighting Fear With Your Faith - Dr. Lonnie W. Brown (Paperback)

Throughout history, people-groups and nations have experienced times of war and times of peace, times of famine and times of feasting. Whatever economic, military or financial conditions that presently exist, they do not change the principles and promises found in the Word of God. Fighting Fear With Your Faith, by Dr. Lonnie W. Brown, is a journey through the emotional ranges of fear caused by economic and social factors. This book will teach you how to arrive at victory using the principle of faith. In this book you will learn to:

- Overcome the gripping control of fear - Keep fears from progressing - Understanding the principle of faith - Develop the faith needed to stabilize your emotions.

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Force of Patience, The - Dr. Lonnie W. Brown (Paperback) Force of Patience, The - Dr. Lonnie W. Brown (Paperback)

In my life I have experienced many peaks and valleys. One thing that has remained constant is God's unwavering commitment to me, His child. Perhaps you too may have experienced storms that led you to believe you were alone. This book was written to encourage you. God knows what you are going through and has given you a "force" that must be reckoned with. That force is Patience, an indomitable endurance necessary to capture your expectation, sustaining your efforts until the promise is manifested.
In this I book; you will find:
- The principle of Patience
- How to wait in expectation
- How to frame your future using the right words

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Finding Purpose In Pain - Dr. Lonnie W. Brown (Paperback) Finding Purpose In Pain - Dr. Lonnie W. Brown (Paperback)

One of the most challenging moments for me as a pastor is to sit with a family that has experienced incredible loss or pain.  Inevitably, whether in words or in thoughts they wonder, "why?"  Any answer, however comforting, would not paint an accurate portrayal of the reason why life hurts.  There are so many factors on earth.  As believers we contend daily with the satanic influence that has infiltrated this planet as well as the responsibility of the transference of the Light bearing truth we have in Christ.  We are beacons of light in a progressively darkening world.  Pain is inevitable, not unbearable.  God's sovereign plan, outlined in the Bible, gives us keys and principles to handle pain. There is hope and a purpose in pain.

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God's Plan for Prosperity - Mark Gorman (Paperback) God's Plan for Prosperity - Mark Gorman (Paperback)

A Balanced Perspective on Financial Wealth

* How much money should you have?
* Is money evil?
* What does God think of Prosperity?
* Does God have a plan for making me prosperous?

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Healing The Heart - Joan Hunter (Paperback) Healing The Heart - Joan Hunter (Paperback)

For anyone who has ever been betrayed, for anyone who has ever felt lost, abused, or abandoned, for anyone who has ever suffered a broken heart -  THERE IS HEALING! In this inspiring and life - changing book, Joan Hunter shares her challenging testimony of how she overcame rejection and the worst betrayal imaginable. No matter what your circumstances, God wants to minister to you through Joan's insights and practical advice. On the cross, Jesus paid for more than your physical healing. He has also made provision for Healing the Heart.

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Healing The Whole Man Handbook - Joan Hunter (Paperback) Healing The Whole Man Handbook - Joan Hunter (Paperback)

You can walk in divine health and healing. The secrets to God's words for healing and recovery are in this comprehensive, easy-to-follow guidebook containing powerful healing prayers that cover everything from abuse to yeast infections and everything in between.  Truly anointed with the gifts of healing, Joan Hunter has over thirty years of experience praying for the sick and brokenhearted and seeing them healed and set free. By following these step-by-step instructions and claiming God's promises, you can be healed, set free, and made totally whole-body, soul, and spirit!

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Jerusalem Alternative, The -Jerusalem Summit 2003 Jerusalem (Paperback) Jerusalem Alternative, The -Jerusalem Summit 2003 Jerusalem (Paperback)

Contains speeches from the inaugural Jerusalem Summit, featuring: Richard Perle, Benjamin Netanyahu, Alan Keyes, Daniel Pipes, and other leading intellectual and political leaders. In October 2003, a hundred conservative thinkers met for a symposium at Jerusalem's King David Hotel, to hammer out a daring (and realistic) plan to bring justice and peace to Israelis and Palestinians. Led by Richard Perle (a defense policy expert and advisor to U.S. presidents) and Benjamin Netanyahu (former Israeli prime minister), the group issued a statement, Building Peace on Truth, urging the international community to decisively act in liberating Palestinian Arabs from the corrupt, despotic, and jihad-driven regime which threatens the existence of the Jewish state and denies a future to its own people. Experts in terrorism, Islam, military strategies, geopolitics, and advanced weapons systems met for three days to offer alternatives to a succession of failed peace attempts, including Oslo and Camp David II. This invaluable resource will grab the attention of anyone interested in Middle East issues, and America's fight against global terror. The world s leading neo-conservative thinkers advance a bold peace initiative

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Life in the Right Seat - Tina Coonce (Paperback) Life in the Right Seat - Tina Coonce (Paperback)

As a licensed pilot, Tina Coonce flies with her husband, Garth to oversee the ministry of TCT, a Christian television network with stations across the nation.  Her place in the cockpit, however, is not as the Pilot-in-Command -- it is in the right seat, assisting Garth in every way possible.  In this book, Tina gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the birth and growth of a dynamic television outreach.  You will read what she has discovered concerning the role of a woman in a Christian family.

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Muhammad's Monsters - Dr. David Bukay (Paperback) Muhammad's Monsters - Dr. David Bukay (Paperback)

Since 9/11, the rush to learn about Islam has been a common goal for a broad spectrum of Americans - from politicians, to clergy, to soccer moms. Indeed, a lack of knowledge of this religion has publishers scrambling for titles. Muhammad's Monsters represents that rare project - scholarly in tone, yet highly readable - that sets it apart. Essays from leading experts, including David Bukay and Louis Rene Beres, outline the broad dimensions of Islam, while filling in important details. Careful to distinguish between moderate Muslims and radicals who have adopted monstrous methods of dealing with the West, this is a work of utmost importance.

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Miracle of Total Commitment, The - Garth Coonce (Paperback) Miracle of Total Commitment, The - Garth Coonce (Paperback)

The life-transforming power of absolute faith, unconditional trust and total belief.

If your level of commitment were put to the test, how would you score on the exam? Are the vows you make etched in stone? Is your word your bond? Can the promises you make to God, to yourself and to others be relied upon?
You are about to learn how dedication to the right cause, combined with tireless action, produces achievement.

You will discover:

  • The common denominator of uncommon leaders.
  • Keys to building a shatterproof trust.
  • How the "confidence factor" leads to eternal covenants.
  • The results of a heart-driven passion.
  • How your words affect your success.
  • The ultimate role model to follow
- plus much more.

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Our Journey to Oneness - Eddie and Cathy Williams (Paperback) Our Journey to Oneness - Eddie and Cathy Williams (Paperback)

Our Journey to Oneness takes you on an incredible voyage through time as it candidly unveils the imperfections and victories experienced in the marriage of Eddie and Cathy Williams. These experiences can now be brought home as a powerful tool to set you and your mate on the path to oneness.

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Roadmap to Nowhere, The - Yitschak Ben Gad (Paperback) Roadmap to Nowhere, The - Yitschak Ben Gad (Paperback)

This book follows a question-and-answer format, in which the author picks out events, people, and concepts that have shaped the Middel East, and explains a highly complex issue.

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Success Kills - Wayde Goodall (Paperback) Success Kills - Wayde Goodall (Paperback)

SUCCESS-we crave it, work for it, dream of it, want it as a personal achievement, but how we each define it differs. Power, influence, wealth, fame, or a position of authority - the hallmarks of success we strive for - can just as easily become the cause of our destruction, if we don t have a clear set of boundaries by which to live.    Corporate and religious scandals of recent years have caused unprecedented havoc and heartache in the world's economy and in the church world. Executive and spiritual arrogance causes a toxic atmosphere in too many organizations. There are safeguards and principles we must focus on to ensure balance with excellence in what we do. Core questions to be considered include:    Should you fear success?  Why do so many fail when they attain success?    Is failure considered a friend or foe?    Do you have a balanced ego or a pre-occupation with self?    Take a discerning look at the concept of success in a personal, professional, and spiritual context in Success Kills. Explore the gift of adversity, finding a moral "north", learning from mistakes, and why some fear "successful" leaders. Discover a more important definition of success and the principles you can put in place today to achieve without compromising yourself or your future.

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Ten Keys that Cure - Dr. Don VerHulst M.D. (Paperback) Ten Keys that Cure - Dr. Don VerHulst M.D. (Paperback)

Dr. Don's exciting new book opens the door to good health as God intended. Based on sound biblical teaching and proven by scientific research, Dr. Don provides a prescription for wellness that's easy to fill and covered by the Lord's health insurance policy with no co-pays!

- Your health is your choice. Neglecting your "earth suit" won't necessarily keep you out of heaven, but you only get to stay here as long as it lasts.

- God's Word is medicine. The Word's divine principles will help you live - really live - and be bursting with health!

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Time the Trainer - Apostle Lonnie W. Brown (Paperback) Time the Trainer - Apostle Lonnie W. Brown (Paperback)

What is God's meaning of time?
What should I do with my time?
What should I do when my prayers seem delayed?

All of these questions and more are answered in Apostle Lonnie W. Brown's latest book, "Time the Trainer, Not the Torture of My Faith." God has given us all a measure of time to use for Kingdom expansion. This book is a must read for those who want to use their time here on Earth to maximize their potential and obey their destiny.

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Why Great Men Fall - Wayde Goodall (Paperback) Why Great Men Fall - Wayde Goodall (Paperback)

The news is filled with devastating reports, almost on a weekly basis, of famous men who fall from grace - either morally, ethically, or criminally. Goodall, a pastor and mentor, is fascinated by this modern phenomena, and offers wise counsel for others to avoid the pain of public humiliation and judgment. By focusing on well-known examples, Goodall, through his compelling writing style, points to easily identifiable signposts that trapped "great" men. The profiles in Why Great Men Fall give pause to others in similar environments: corporate execs, ministry heads, even fathers and husbands struggling to maintain their families. Goodall explains why biblical morality is the key to avoiding ethical failure. His thousands of hours of counseling also provide unique insights into the character flaws that contribute to falls from grace. Issues covered inside the pages of this powerful book: Why Great Leaders Fall • Entitlement • Entrepreneurs without Balance • Compartmentalization • Expectation of Silence • The Sex Issue • Integrity • Anger • Accountability • Conscience • Mentors and Coaches • Ethics • Stress and Pressure • Money • Depression and Moods • The One Who Can Keep You from Falling

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