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Witness Stand, The - Debbie McNeely (Paperback)
Witness Stand, The - Debbie McNeely (Paperback)

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We have been called to be Christ's witnesses, but no one wants to show up in the courtroom unprepared, After all, what attorney wants someone to take the stand that is unsure of the facts. In this book, Debbie McNeely will help to mold and make you into an effective witness. She will teach you how to approach someone and disarm them without harming them. You will watch in amazement as Debbie takes the word of God and like a skilled surgeon uses it to melt the coldest hearts and lead the lost back home again into the arms of their Heavenly Father. As you read, Debbie will teach you how to overcome the fear of approachin others with the hope and good news that Jesus brings. So go ahead, take a deep breath, as you rise up in the courtroom of life to take The Witness Stand.