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I Survived - Dorinda Clark-Cole (CD) I Survived - Dorinda Clark-Cole (CD)

Track Listing:

  1. Holy One
  2. God Will Take Care of You
  3. He Brought Me
  4. We Believe
  5. For My Good
  6. Back To You
  7. Welcome
  8. God is Everything To Me
  9. Thank You
  10. This is Why
  11. Don't Give Up

Donation Amount: $25.00
Prayer For Your Day, A - Dorinda Clark-Cole (CD) Prayer For Your Day, A - Dorinda Clark-Cole (CD)

I thank you for my prayer and friend for agreeing with me in prayer. This is a system to create a methodical way and plan for a successful life. For the next 21 days, if you adopt this prayer into your day, I believe that your life will be enhanced because of prayer. Prayer is the key to unlock the mysteries of God our Father and this life in which we live.

The request of commitment for all who pray with us is to say, "Yes" with your mouth. Yes, is the response of the willing heart to surrender in agreement to Jesus Christ being the answer for our lives.

Therefore, let "Yes, Lord" be our resolve to this prayer. Yes, opens you, the believer, to confirm the Word of God through prayer.

God bless you is my prayer,

Dorinda Clark-Cole

Donation Amount: $25.00
Praying For Power - Women Interceding - Dorinda Clark-Cole (CD) Praying For Power - Women Interceding - Dorinda Clark-Cole (CD)

From the inside cover:

Today, we find ourselves experiencing life and all of it's different situations. On a daily basis our priorities overwhelm us. At the same time... our Faith is focused on Jesus giving His power to endure. This prayer is purposed to Encourage, Rebuild, Reset, Reboot and Restore Every Listener with The Power of Jesus!

Your Prayer Partner,

Dorinda Clark-Cole


  1. Introduction
  2. Homily
  3. Prayer

Donation Amount: $25.00