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It's OK To Say "God" - Tad Armstrong (Hardback)
It's OK To Say "God" - Tad Armstrong (Hardback)

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Our Founders would not recognize today's America. Christianity is under attack as never before. My career as a Baptist minister and as chaplain of the Texas House of Representatives has, in a sense, taken me to both sides of Jefferson's metaphorical 'wall of separation'. Mr. Armstrong puts it a bit differently: 'There should be at least a short fence of separation between Caesar and God. If the divider falls, government will strong-arm religion'. Instead of relying on sound bites, headlines, and e-mails, he takes you straight to the Supreme Court opinions that have shaped the religion clauses of the First Amendment. You will likely be very surprised at what you find. It's OK to Say 'God' brings the Constitution back to Main Street where it belongs. His commentary is both eye-opening and refreshing. His suggestions of how Christians should respond to the culture war focus more on fulfilling the mission of Jesus Christ than on whether a nativity scene or a Menorah should win the favor of the courts at Christmas. Whether you decide to implement his suggestions in your life or not, Mr. Armstrong is most concerned that all Americans stop living in ignorance of these most important laws of our land. Learn as a family-discuss these truths with your children and grandchildren-and start living your faith out loud, for contrary to false rumor, it really is OK to bring God back into our culture and back into our government. Tad will show you the way. -Pastor R.B. Hall, former chaplain of the Texas House of Representatives