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"Intel", "Spiritual Clearance", "Warrior Optics", "Prayer's of Renunciation CD", and "Living By the Word".
"Intel", "Spiritual Clearance", "Warrior Optics", "Prayer's of Renunciation CD", and "Living By the Word".

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Intel- Spiritual warfare is waged in high ranking authorities both from the side of good and evil. There is an on going war that a lot of believers are not even aware of. It is a war that includes continuing battles over locales. This scripture in Daniel shows us how Satan and his demons are committed to opposing the will of God here on earth. Intercessory prayer and awareness that there is a war in the spiritual realm are necessary in order to overcome battles that believers are going to encounter, until the second coming of Jesus.

Spiritual Clearance The Generals Briefing- Are you ready to receive the benefits of being in tune with the supernatural spirit and power of God? Spiritual intel equips us with the authority to access information that is not readily available to those who are outside of the supernatural armed forces of God. get ready to take your ministry into the next realm of the spirit, to grow your personal walk with God and gain access to the prophetic voice of God. What do you want God to do for you in this season?

Warfare Optics- Have you aver felt as if you are the only p[person with secrets regarding the struggle of life? or that your struggles are easier to ignore that they are to face, to bear, to resolve? When we thrash about the maze of life seeking hidden doors while simultaneously fearing what lies on the other side, we unintentionally prolong the agony of defeat. Defeat that seems inevitable produces agony that unknowingly activates self-destructive tendencies. Warfare in the spirit is often misunderstood, and due to its misconception and overuse, various false teachings dilute the authentic derivative of its deliverance power. The following teachings will outline real-life coping skills coupled with biblical historical accounts and teachings to help the reader understand warfare strategies more effectively.

Living By the Word- Covenant with me for the next 120 days, and God will give you your three forty- day intervals to concentrate in abide in his presence. During the concentration you will increase your faith be filled and empowered by his spirit and realize that Jesus lives. Let's begin our three forty day intervals our 120 day journey as God realizes abundance, favor, peace, prosperity, power, protection, faith, healing, deliverance, and breakthrough. Expect him to do exceedingly and abundance above all you think, ask, and hope for according to the power that works in you my covenant partner.