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Why Great Men Fall - Wayde Goodall (Paperback)
Why Great Men Fall - Wayde Goodall (Paperback)

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The news is filled with devastating reports, almost on a weekly basis, of famous men who fall from grace - either morally, ethically, or criminally. Goodall, a pastor and mentor, is fascinated by this modern phenomena, and offers wise counsel for others to avoid the pain of public humiliation and judgment. By focusing on well-known examples, Goodall, through his compelling writing style, points to easily identifiable signposts that trapped "great" men. The profiles in Why Great Men Fall give pause to others in similar environments: corporate execs, ministry heads, even fathers and husbands struggling to maintain their families. Goodall explains why biblical morality is the key to avoiding ethical failure. His thousands of hours of counseling also provide unique insights into the character flaws that contribute to falls from grace. Issues covered inside the pages of this powerful book: Why Great Leaders Fall • Entitlement • Entrepreneurs without Balance • Compartmentalization • Expectation of Silence • The Sex Issue • Integrity • Anger • Accountability • Conscience • Mentors and Coaches • Ethics • Stress and Pressure • Money • Depression and Moods • The One Who Can Keep You from Falling