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Jerusalem Alternative, The -Jerusalem Summit 2003 Jerusalem (Paperback)
Jerusalem Alternative, The -Jerusalem Summit 2003 Jerusalem (Paperback)

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Contains speeches from the inaugural Jerusalem Summit, featuring: Richard Perle, Benjamin Netanyahu, Alan Keyes, Daniel Pipes, and other leading intellectual and political leaders. In October 2003, a hundred conservative thinkers met for a symposium at Jerusalem's King David Hotel, to hammer out a daring (and realistic) plan to bring justice and peace to Israelis and Palestinians. Led by Richard Perle (a defense policy expert and advisor to U.S. presidents) and Benjamin Netanyahu (former Israeli prime minister), the group issued a statement, Building Peace on Truth, urging the international community to decisively act in liberating Palestinian Arabs from the corrupt, despotic, and jihad-driven regime which threatens the existence of the Jewish state and denies a future to its own people. Experts in terrorism, Islam, military strategies, geopolitics, and advanced weapons systems met for three days to offer alternatives to a succession of failed peace attempts, including Oslo and Camp David II. This invaluable resource will grab the attention of anyone interested in Middle East issues, and America's fight against global terror. The world s leading neo-conservative thinkers advance a bold peace initiative