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Buried Treasure and Aleph-Bet Combo
Buried Treasure and Aleph-Bet Combo

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Buried Treasure - Secrets for Living from the Lord's Language (2nd edition-hardcover book)

Buried Treasure: Secrets for Living from the Lord's Language gives you a glimpse into God's understanding of love, happiness, faith and wealth. This second edition is expanded and includes an entirely new chapter.

Join Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin on a fascinating treasure hunt through the Lord's language - one which will excite and inform those with no knowledge of Hebrew as well as those who are fluent in the language.

Unlike any other language ever spoken, Hebrew words reveal their meanings through the very order, composition and even shape of the letters that God chose for each word. Among other nuggets of insight, discover why in Hebrew the word "face" only appears in the plural, why a table is a place of grace, and why it is more important to have a spouse who is committed to you than one who professes love for you.

Using real-life anecdotes drawn from his many years in the rabbinate, as well as from the hundreds of thousands of people he has touched while teaching throughout America and overseas, Rabbi Daniel Lapin uncovers a wealth of insights that will enrich your life. Buried Treasure is an easy-to-read, practical book that will entertain and instruct you while revealing the awesome power of God's chosen tongue.

  • Part 1: Relationships and Marriage
  • Part 2: Family and Children
  • Part 3: Community and Work
  • Part 4: Growth and Success
  • Part 5: Ideas
  • Part 6: Spiritual Life


Children will love the colorful pictures and adorable rhymes in Aleph-Bet: A Fun, Rhyming, Bible-based Introduction to the Hebrew Alphabet.

Each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is introduced along with a child whose name begins with that letter as well as a word starting with the letter. The featured word appears in both Hebrew and English along with a translation, transliteration and matching picture.

A unique feature of the book is the Biblical index at the back. While all the words chosen by the Jerusalem born author are used in modern Israel, their origins are found in Scripture. In some cases, the word is exactly the same, such as 'aryeh' or lion, while other words are derived from Biblical words. For example, the word for train, 'rakevet' has its root in the Hebrew word for riding. The index shows the word and one of the written verses in the Bible where that word appears. In addition, some historical and fun facts about Hebrew are given. This makes the book interesting not only for the recommended ages of 2-6 but it also will intrigue older children allowing them to make the connection between Bible studies and the Hebrew language.