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Jesus Of The Bible Offer - Dr. Ed Hindson (Paperback/DVD)
Jesus Of The Bible Offer - Dr. Ed Hindson (Paperback/DVD)

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This offer includes:

Jesus Of The Bible - Dr. Ed Hindson (Paperback)
140 Full-Color Pages.
With 142 vibrant pictures of the land of Israel and of the ministry of Jesus.

Jesus Of The Bible - 6 DVD Set
Over 5 hours of footage.
12 breath-taking lessons plus bonus footage on 6 DVDs.

Disk 1
Episode 1: His Miraculous Birth
Episode 2: His Baptism & Temptaion

Disk 2
Episode 3: His Galilean Ministry
Episode 4: Calling His Disciples

Disk 3
Episode 5: Sermon On The Mount
Episode 6: His Parables

Disk 4
Episode 7: His Miracles
Episode 8: His Kingdom & Church

Disk 5
Episode 9: Answering His Critics
Episode 10: Jesus Predicts The Future

Disk 6
Episode 11: His Arrest and Trial
Epsiode 12: His Crucifixion and Resurrection

Bonus Features

"I have traveled to Israel with our video crew to film the Jesus of the Bible series on location in the very places where Jesus walked: Bethlehem, Nazareth, Galilee and Jerusalem. You will want ot read this spectacular 12-part series. In the dramatic pages of this book, I answer questions the critics raise about the person of Jesus Christ. Was she really the Son of God? Born of a virgin? Did He live a sinless life? Heal the sick? Raise the dead? Die for our sins? Literally rise again? And is He literally coming again?" - Dr. Ed Hindson