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Hymn Restoration & Hymn Restoration Hymn Collection (4 CD's)
Hymn Restoration & Hymn Restoration Hymn Collection (4 CD's)

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Hymn Restoration & Hymn Restoration Hymn Collection (4 CD's)

Walk into any Protestant church these days and you are likely to encounter a worship team that sounds a lot like a rock band. The musical worship will have a strong backbeat and simple, easy-to-follow repetitive melodies and lyrics.

We honor today's young musicians and composers, and the love and skill they bring to musical worship, whatever their level of competence, because we know that the Lord hears their hearts. But can it be that in the pursuit of a new sound, an old treasure has been lost?

It can truly be said that if we are ignorant of history, we don't know on whose giant shoulders we stand. Hymn Restoration celebrates the musical treasures of Christian history, going back as far as lyrics composed by Francis of Assisi in the year 1225 in the song, “All Creatures of Our God and King.” We bring you 101 of the best from the vast wealth of hymns going back centuries. You will immediately recognize the depth of the lyrics and the inspired beauty of the melodies. Dino plays his rich piano renditions of each of the 101 hymns in this collection on a four-CD set as part of this book/CD bundle. What could be better than hearing Dino himself performing his own selections?

Every hymn in the book is presented alongside a devotion and prayer that Cheryl has written, a chance to think more deeply about the hymns and apply their wisdom to your own life. These devotions also teach about the history of the hymns. We are indebted to the historians of hymnology and their books, some of which date back to the eras in which the hymns were written—historians such as John Julian and Ira Sankey, as well as the modern historians such as Robert Morgan and Kenneth Osbeck. Look for the references in the Notes section.

We hope that as you encounter these hymns and devotions you will be uplifted and encouraged in your faith. Music is indeed a special language that can touch us with a penetrating poignancy unique among human experiences. Sing and rejoice!