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Still The Happiest People - Richard Shakarian (Paperback)
Still The Happiest People -  Richard Shakarian (Paperback)

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On this inspiring journey, you’ll read how an 11-year-old, illiterate Russian boy gave a prophecy that foretold of a coming massacre—the land to which people should flee, and how they would prosper and be a seed to the nations of the world. The Shakarian family heeded the warning and escaped the tragic Armenian genocide. They arrived in Los Angeles, where Isaac Shakarian opened a business at the age of 15 that became the largest dairy in the United States.

Isaac’s son, Demos, fulfilled the second part of the prophecy when he founded an international organization where ordinary business people share their personal stories of how they have found new hope and a better life.

Now, Richard Shakarian, the son of Demos, tells the most exciting story of all. Today, hundreds of thousands of men and women are transforming nations through “The Fellowship” on every continent. It is not a church or a denomination, but an organization that crosses religious, political, and cultural lines. You’ll read how presidents, prime ministers, and world leaders have opened the doors of their countries to this movement.

RICHARD SHAKARIAN is the President of FGBMFI, an organization founded in 1953 by his late father, Demos Shakarian. Under Richard’s leadership the Fellowship has grown to more than 8,000 chapters in 148 countries. He and his wife Vangie, have mentored hundreds of leaders around the world.