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George Washington Carver by William J. Federer
George Washington Carver by William J. Federer

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George Washington Carver: His Life & Faith in His Own Words by William J. Federer

Paperback: 104 pages including illustrations

"Only alone can I draw close enough to God to discover His Secrets."

The amazing story of George Washington Carver, slave birth, Iowa State graduate and Tuskegee Professor who revolutionized the economy of the south by discovering hundreds of uses for the peanut. “God is going to reveal things to us that He never revealed before if we put our hand in His,” stated George Washington Carver, 1924, to the Women's Board of Domestic Missions in New York. From slave birth to international fame, George Washington Carver advised Presidents, Congress, and world leaders. He was offered jobs by Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, but declined them as he determined to stay at Tuskegee Institute to help those less fortunate attain new and boundless opportunities. Discover the faith that motivated this great African-American scientist to create and popularize hundreds of uses for the peanut, soybean, sweet potato and other plants, which resulted in a revolution in the economy of America's South. Read letters revealing his faith.