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Faith In History 4 Book/DVD Offer - William Federer (Book/DVD)
Faith In History 4 Book/DVD Offer - William Federer (Book/DVD)

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Islamic Conquest - William Federer (DVD)
A Captivating 5-Part DVD series on political Islam's 1400 year war with the past.

CURRENT EVENTS COME INTO FOCUS in the back drop of 1,400 years of history changing events. Within 100 years of Mohammed's death, Muslim warriors were just outside of Paris, having conquered North Africa, the Holy Land, Persia, and Spain. From the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, the Umayyad Muslim Caliphate, and later the Ottoman Empire, were for centuries the largest empires in the world.

FIND ANSWERS TO HOW ISLAM IS CONNECTED TO: *Arabian horses *Stirrup for riding *Slave trade *Charles Martel & the Battle of Tours *the Byzantine Empire *Santa Claus *Richard the Lionheart *the word 'assassin' *Seven Churches of Revelation *Marco Polo *Dracula "Vlad the Impaler" *Sultan Suleiman the Magnificient *Islam's treatment of women *James Oglethorpe, Georgia's founder *Coffee & Croissants *Jefferson & Madison's War with North African Barbary Pirates *Sir Lawrence of Arabia *Woodrow Wilson's attempt to save Armenia *Oil discovered in Saudi Arabia *Wahhabism.

CHAPTER SELECTIONS: 1) Mohammed's military career, Islam's conquests & the Renaissance. 2) Islamic Expansion, the Crusades & Tamerlane 3) Fall of Constantinople & Columbus' Voyage 4) Muslim Pirates, Martin Luther, John Smith & the Pilgrims 5) Is the United States becoming a Dhimmi nation?

Runtime: 142 minutes

What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur'an - William Federer (Paperback)
You will be fascinated by this fast-paced, objective history of the world from a perspective you have never imagined. Current events will come into focus in the back drop of 1,400 years of inconceivable yet true events and conflicts. Thousands of books, documents and articles have been researched over several years in preparation for this book.

Change to Chains-The 6,000 Year Quest for Control - William J Federer (Paperback)
How did past civilizations rise and fall? How rare is America's experiment with a republic? With every crisis, is power being taken away from "the people" and transferred to the central government? Does history give us a clue as to where all this is headed? George Washington warned in his Farewell Address, 1796: "Disorders and miseries...gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an Individual...[who] turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of Public...and thus to create, whatever the form of government, a real despotism." Ronald Reagan stated at St. John's University, NY, March 28, 1985: "Government that is big enough to give you everything you want is more likely to simply take everything you've got." Woodrow Wilson warned in New York, 1912: "The history of Liberty is a history of limitations of governmental power, not the increase of it. When we resist, therefore, the concentration of power, we are resisting the powers of death, because concentration of power is what always precedes the destruction of human liberties." In the nearly 6,000 years of recorded human history, power, like gravity, seems to inevitably concentrate into the hands of one individual, sometimes called pharoah, caesar, czar, kaiser, king, emperor, monarch, sultan, president or communist dictator. No matter what the autocratic leader's particular title is, the default setting for human government throughout history has most often been monarchy. When power is concentrated, the State is supreme. When power is separated, the individual is supreme. America's founders had a unique window of opportunity in the long train of world history, to maximize the freedom and opportunity of the individual. Ronald Reagan stated in 1961: "In this country of ours took place the greatest revolution that has ever taken place in the world's history...Every other revolution simply exchanged one set of rulers for another." Is past behavior the best indicator of future performance? What can we expect? Find out as world history comes alive from a whole new perspective in "Change to Chains - the 6000 year quest for control - Volume I: Rise of the Republic."

Backfired - William Federer (Paperback)
How did America go from Pilgrims seeking freedom to express their Christian beliefs to today's discrimination against those very beliefs in the name of tolerance? Federer investigates.

American Minute - William Federer (Paperback)
Take yourself on a historical adventure for each day of the year. Relive the calendar days with inspiration from great men and women that came before us. With a short story for each day, you will learn about events that defined America. HISTORY COMES ALIVE ON EACH DAY OF THE YEAR! Why did Columbus set sail in 1492? What motivated Paul Revere’s midnight ride in 1775? What are the origins of our national holidays, including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Flag Day, Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day? Why did Lindbergh fly solo across the Atlantic? Why was the Battle of Midway so pivotal? Who started the Red Cross, Tuskegee Institute and Harvard? The Answers will Captivate and Fascinate You! This book brings our national history to life through the notable events of each day. It is a treasure to read and share with others. American Minute-Notable Events of American Significance Remembered on the Date They Occurred. An interesting and inspiring collection of historical vignettes, one for each day of the year. Well-known holidays, national achievements and famous individuals are recalled in fascinating detail as well as little known facts of courage, sacrifice, faith, and captivating American trivia. It is a great gift for any journalist, teacher, student, radio host, politician, or avid history buff! A book you won't want to put down! The American Minute is also heard daily across America on hundreds of radio stations and is read by tens of thousands via the Internet and email subscription. It is produced by Bill Federer, author of 20 books, who speaks in over 100 cities a year and hosts the daily television program, Faith in History. (416 pages, paperback)