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Dan Willis Book/CD Combo Pack
Dan Willis Book/CD Combo Pack

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This Combo Pack Includes:

Freedom To Forget - Dan Willis (Paperback)
Most of us don’t need as much help remembering as we do forgetting! So many are locked in a swirling pattern of pain, failure, and anger that thwarts their future progress by reminding them of all that has transpired in life. Sound like you? You don’t have to remain a hostage to the past anymore! Pastor Dan Willis utilizes humor and biblical truth to help you:

• Learn the difference between forgiving and forgetting
• Overcome the pain you don’t understand
• Deal with family dysfunction
• Find hope in adversity
• Release the pain that holds you back
• Revive and protect your soul as you go forward.

No matter what you face or what you’ve been through, you can find the help and strength to go forward as you discover the Freedom to Forget.

Praise Is My Weapon - Dan Willis (Paperback)
"I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High. When mine enemies are turned back, they shall fall and perish at thy presence." —Psalm 9:2–3 Life is hard. Even as believers, we are constantly barraged by challenges, sickness, attacks, and tragedies. Loved ones die. Good people get hurt. The faithful are besieged. It is no wonder we are often plagued by questions that plant seeds of doubt in our minds. And yet, we are not powerless or empty–handed in the battle for our faith. As children of God, we are legal authorities in the kingdom of heaven, charged with taking control of our circumstances and enlarging our territory. And one of our greatest weapons in the war is praise. Dan Willis will show you how praise can lead you to victory in life. He takes you through the many forms of praise, far beyond song, dance, music, and singing, to help you fully utilize it in your spiritual life. Praise is not an option; it's a command. Praise Him, no matter what. If life has knocked you to the ground, learn to praise Him from the floor! As a child of God, you need to know how to wage a holy fight, which brings peace and causes you to win, rather than an ugly fight, which leads only to confusion and greater loss. "I will call on the LORD, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies." —2 Samuel 22:4

A Man, His Piano & His Worship - Dan Willis (CD)
Join pianist, worship leader, and songwriter Dan Willis for this powerful blend of worship favorites, lesser known gems, and original songs.

1.) A Heart After You
2.) A Heart That Forgives
3.) You Shall Live (And Not Die)
4.) You Love Me
5.) Isn't He Good All The Time
6.) After The Rainfall
7.) You Raise Me Up
8.) He Chose Me
9.) In Your Embrace
10.)You Always Come Through
11.) Be Still And Know Your Time Has Come