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How to Keep Your Life in Focus - Garth W. Coonce (Paperback)
Donation Amount: $9.00

In this book, Dr. Garth Coonce shares his experiences of being led by the Holy Spirit and how important it is to keep yourself focused to accomplish the purpose and plan God has for your life. Hear the story of how millions have been reached through Christian television because one man responded to God's voice and vision.
Draw Near – Adon Ray, Dr. Don VerHulst (CD)
Donation Amount: $15.00

Tracks Include:

- I Come Before You Now
- In My Name
- Draw Near
- Jesus Walked On The Water
- He Is Lord
- Whatsoever Things Are True
- His Name Is Jesus
- Have Faith In God
- These Dry Bones
- I Am That I Am
- Victory In Jesus
30 Quick Tips For Better Health - Don VerHulst, M.D. (Paperback)
Donation Amount: $20.00

Discover how easy having GREAT HEALTH can be!

30 Quick Tips for Better Health
motivates you with timeless health principles from the Bible that are easy to put into practice. By focusing on the positive and sharing simple, straightforward advice, Dr. Don gives you the tools you need to look and feel your best, including:

- The key to relaxing and eliminating stress
- The diet designed by God specifically for you
- The importance of a peaceful night’s sleep
- Tips for making exercise a regular and enjoyable part of your day

These thirty practical steps will help you build new habits throughout the month or simply now and then, whenever you have the time or need a simple health solution.

Today is a new day! Take one step toward better health by reading just one of these thirty quick tips. You will find yourself on the path to a happier, healthier tomorrow.

Perils of Profanity - Rabbi Daniel Lapin (CD)
Donation Amount: $20.00

  • How vulgar speech damages your chances for success in both business and personal relationships
  • Why Joseph recounted his dreams to his brothers, knowing that they would be angered
  • What damage to the soul comes from using or hearing profanity
  • Why everyone, even those who don't curse, should be concerned about the prevalence of foul language in our culture

On his weekly radio show, Rabbi Daniel Lapin tackles a wide variety of topics that provoke huge audience reaction. But the response to his show on the three reasons why cursing damages people on both a very practical as well as a deep spiritual level, triggered an unprecedented reaction.

This unique blend of Bible lessons and no-nonsense teaching explains how vulgar language hurts in the here and now, diminishing opportunities for economic and romantic triumph while also injuring a person's innermost soul.

If you ever find yourself appalled by the language of a movie or TV show, if you or your children, nieces and nephews casually use words that would have earned a mouth full of soap a generation ago, if you want to understand the potent power of speech, this CD is for you. It will arm you with effective arguments and tools with which to battle the overwhelming presence of vulgarity in today's society.
Anatomy of Marriage, The - Dr. Lonnie W. Brown (Paperback)
Donation Amount: $25.00

The Anatomy of Marriage takes to heart God's original intent for the covenant of marriage...
Backfired - William Federer (Paperback)
Donation Amount: $25.00

How did America go from Pilgrims seeking freedom to express their Christian beliefs to today's discrimination against those very beliefs in the name of tolerance? Federer investigates.
By Request - Len Mink (CD)
Donation Amount: $25.00

Join Len Mink as he worships God and lifts up His name in praise on his CD "By Request." Sing along to familiar favorites like "Trading My Sorrows," "Open the Eyes of My Heart," and "Worthy is the Lamb." Get ready to lift your hands and cast your cares upon Him, as the lyrics and music move you into His presence.
Islamic Conquest - William Federer (DVD)
Donation Amount: $25.00

A Captivating 5-Part DVD series on political Islam's 1400 year war with the past.

CURRENT EVENTS COME INTO FOCUS in the back drop of 1,400 years of history changing events. Within 100 years of Mohammed's death, Muslim warriors were just outside of Paris, having conquered North Africa, the Holy Land, Persia, and Spain. From the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, the Umayyad Muslim Caliphate, and later the Ottoman Empire, were for centuries the largest empires in the world.

FIND ANSWERS TO HOW ISLAM IS CONNECTED TO: *Arabian horses *Stirrup for riding *Slave trade *Charles Martel & the Battle of Tours *the Byzantine Empire *Santa Claus *Richard the Lionheart *the word 'assassin' *Seven Churches of Revelation *Marco Polo *Dracula "Vlad the Impaler" *Sultan Suleiman the Magnificient *Islam's treatment of women *James Oglethorpe, Georgia's founder *Coffee & Croissants *Jefferson & Madison's War with North African Barbary Pirates *Sir Lawrence of Arabia *Woodrow Wilson's attempt to save Armenia *Oil discovered in Saudi Arabia *Wahhabism.

CHAPTER SELECTIONS: 1) Mohammed's military career, Islam's conquests & the Renaissance. 2) Islamic Expansion, the Crusades & Tamerlane 3) Fall of Constantinople & Columbus' Voyage 4) Muslim Pirates, Martin Luther, John Smith & the Pilgrims 5) Is the United States becoming a Dhimmi nation?

Runtime: 142 minutes
Stayin' Safe with Gospel Duck
Donation Amount: $25.00

Children learn how to stay safe in this day and age through lessons and songs that teach them how to use their God-given authority! CD and teaching booklet. Songs include Stayin' Safe, One Of A Kind, No Is A Powerful Word, Three Hebrew Children, Heroes, The Predator, Feed Your Faith, Don't Play With Fire, Use Your Faith, I Will Trust In The Lord My God (Psalm 91), Come Into My Heart and Stayin' Safe (Reprise).
Duck Praise - Gospel Duck (CD)
Donation Amount: $25.00

Anointed praise and worship for children with Gospel Duck, Len Mink and friends. Songs include The B.I.B.L.E., Halleluia, Praise Ye The Lord, Joy Down In My Heart/Window Of Heaven, Use Your Faith, Angels Watching Over Me, Think Big Like God, He's Got The Whole World In His Hands, Be Bold, Be Strong, Every Day and Faith/I Win.