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Drawing from the Wells II by Bishop Nathaniel Wells
Drawing from the Wells II by Bishop Nathaniel Wells

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This book is written in the hope that it can be a self-help on how to build a strong church and
mega ministry Today, many of our young ministers feel the need to minister to thousands of individuals to be successful. In truth, most of the churches within the United States have congregations of 125 parishioners or less. In the Church of God in Christ, 90 percent of our congregations are less than one hundred members..
It is my hope, that after reading this book, you will realize that one can build a mega ministry and have a strong church worship experience without mass numbers and even in small communities. Jesus has given us the insight and instructions. If we simply follow his directions, we can be fulfilled and gratified in knowing that we are carrying out the mandate of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is my prayer that you will be blessed as you read this book.