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Miracle of Total Commitment, The - Garth Coonce (Paperback)
Miracle of Total Commitment, The - Garth Coonce (Paperback)

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The life-transforming power of absolute faith, unconditional trust and total belief.

If your level of commitment were put to the test, how would you score on the exam? Are the vows you make etched in stone? Is your word your bond? Can the promises you make to God, to yourself and to others be relied upon?
You are about to learn how dedication to the right cause, combined with tireless action, produces achievement.

You will discover:
  • The common denominator of uncommon leaders.
  • Keys to building a shatterproof trust.
  • How the "confidence factor" leads to eternal covenants.
  • The results of a heart-driven passion.
  • How your words affect your success.
  • The ultimate role model to follow
- plus much more.