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Islamic Conquest - William Federer (DVD)
Islamic Conquest - William Federer (DVD)

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A Captivating 5-Part DVD series on political Islam's 1400 year war with the past.

CURRENT EVENTS COME INTO FOCUS in the back drop of 1,400 years of history changing events. Within 100 years of Mohammed's death, Muslim warriors were just outside of Paris, having conquered North Africa, the Holy Land, Persia, and Spain. From the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, the Umayyad Muslim Caliphate, and later the Ottoman Empire, were for centuries the largest empires in the world.

FIND ANSWERS TO HOW ISLAM IS CONNECTED TO: *Arabian horses *Stirrup for riding *Slave trade *Charles Martel & the Battle of Tours *the Byzantine Empire *Santa Claus *Richard the Lionheart *the word 'assassin' *Seven Churches of Revelation *Marco Polo *Dracula "Vlad the Impaler" *Sultan Suleiman the Magnificient *Islam's treatment of women *James Oglethorpe, Georgia's founder *Coffee & Croissants *Jefferson & Madison's War with North African Barbary Pirates *Sir Lawrence of Arabia *Woodrow Wilson's attempt to save Armenia *Oil discovered in Saudi Arabia *Wahhabism.

CHAPTER SELECTIONS: 1) Mohammed's military career, Islam's conquests & the Renaissance. 2) Islamic Expansion, the Crusades & Tamerlane 3) Fall of Constantinople & Columbus' Voyage 4) Muslim Pirates, Martin Luther, John Smith & the Pilgrims 5) Is the United States becoming a Dhimmi nation?

Runtime: 142 minutes