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Let Me Go - Rabbi Daniel Lapin (CD)
Let Me Go - Rabbi Daniel Lapin (CD)

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* What 3 Bible Secrets Can Help Everyone Escape Difficult Times
* Did Moses Really Say, "Let My People Go"?
* How to Recognize Your Angels in Disguise
* Why the Jews Needed to Leave Egypt in Broad Daylight

Are life's burdens sapping your freedom and vitality? Are money worries, illness, loneliness, addiction and other circumstances, both in and out of your control, making getting through each day an overwhelming challenge?
In this practical and inspiring presentation, Rabbi Daniel Lapin decodes three lessons from the Exodus story that will inspire and guide you to escape your troubles and build a better life. He reveals how the Exodus event, far from being only a historical tale, is actually a usable blueprint for redemption. The very actions taken by the Israelites on their escape from Egypt can be applied by individuals to jump start their own liberation from many of life's harsher realities.

By explaining the deeper meaning of key biblical phrases and by accessing 3,000 years of Jewish wisdom, Rabbi Daniel Lapin helps you benefit from this section of the Bible in a way that has not previously been available to the general public.

This compelling presentation has been enthusiastically received in synagogues and churches around the country, and now it's your turn to share in the excitement.