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Another Elvis Story Book/DVD- Jimmie Snow (Paperback)
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About the book... (from the back)
This is that story of a friendship between two young men just starting their careers in the music business. One was the son of an acclaimed country music star Hank Snow. The other was an unknown boy from the hills of North Mississippi. Jimmie Rodgers snow recalls the mid-1950's when decisions were made that would change his own life and that of his friend, Elvis Presley. While Elvis becomes the King of Rock 'n' Roll, Jimmie turns from a secular performance and commits himself to the King of Kings.

It is also the story of the deception that led Elvis to intertwine his life and career with Col. Tom Parker, a man whose true nature the Snow family discovered some 20 years before the death of Elvis.

This first-hand account of a crucial and transitional period in American music is not just "Another Elvis Story."

DVD... (from the back)
(from the back)This DVD will transport you back to the Fifties and the beginning of Rock and Roll music. Jimmie Snow takes you on a journey into the lives of many of the great musical giants of that day, focusing especially on the man who changed everything in the world of music, Elvis Presley. This DVD spotlights Elvis' early years, his association with Country Music Legend, Hank Snow, and his friendship with Hank's son, Jimmie. You will see the details about the many personal appearances Elvis and Jimmie made together, as well as the visits and video clips from Hank Snow's personal home movies and file collection - many previously unreleased for public viewing - are on this DVD. Jimmie Snow hosts this special documentary, and shares the story of Col. Tom Parker's association with Elvis, Hank and himself. You will find it a treasured "must-have" for your personal collection.