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Miracles in American History- Volume Two: The Faith that shaped the Nation.
Miracles in American History- Volume Two: The Faith that shaped the Nation.

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Inspiring and captivating stories of faith and courage from America's history.

"As religious faith is the foundation of free government, so is prayer an indispensable part of that faith."-President Dwight Eisenhower, December 24, 1953.


1. William Penn Given 45,000 Square Miles in America;

2. Penn's Holy Experiment "the Seed of a Nation";

3. Pere Marquette Braves the Mississippi;

4. Great Faith of the Moravian Missionaries;

5. Wesleys' "The Religion of the Heart";

6. Whitefield & the Great Awakening Revival in America;

7. Molly Pitcher, Betsy Ross & Courageous Women of the Revolution;

8. Francis Asbury & the Circuit-riding Preachers;

9. Early Black Preachers & Missionaries;

10. Richard Allen & the AME Church;

11. "Black Harry" Hosier;

12. "Amazing Grace": Newton & Wilberforce;

13. Second Great Awakening Camp Meetings;

14. Timothy Dwight & the Yale Student Revival;

15. Haystack Prayer Meeting & World Missions;

16. Indians Look for "Book to Heaven": Whitmans & Northwest Missions;

17. John Stewart, Missionary to Wyandot Indians;

18. Missionaries to Hawaii;

19. Volcano Defied & Hawaiian Great Awakening;

20. Charles Finney's Revival "Every Member Must Work";

21. William & Catherine Booth: The Salvation Army;

22. George Williams & the YMCA;

23. Thousands Join Layman's Prayer Revival & Third Great Awakening;

24. Shoe Salesman to Evangelist: Dwight L. Moody;

25. From Slave to College President: Booker T. Washington;

26. Booker T. Washington's Wisdom & World Influence;

27. Katherine Lee Bates & "America the Beautiful";

28. Baseball Star to National Preacher: Billy Sunday;

29. Helen Keller "Things Unseen are Eternal";

30. Eddie Rickenbacker - World War I Fighter Ace;

31. U.S. Military "For God and Country";

32. Four Chaplains Day;

33. John F. Kennedy & PT109;

34. God's Samurai - Lead Pilot at Pearl Harbor becomes Evangelist;

35. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. "I have a dream";

36. Billy Graham "If Ever We Needed God's Help It Is Now;

37. NASA & Astronauts Prayer on the Moon