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  1. The Supernatural Power of Music: A Quantum Leap into Worship (book)
  2. The Supernatural Power of Music Teaching CD by Len Mink (Audio CD)
Long-time vocalist, composer, and recording artist, Len Mink, examines the origins, power, and potential of music, the role of sound in the universe, and the wide variety of revelations found in a quantum study of the sound we call music. This universal energy affects everything in the cosmos, downloading its power and meaning into everything it touches. From the full array of medical benefits to the cross-cultural ability of musical sound to bring people into unity, music saturates our lives with tempo, texture, color, and beauty. Music even heals! As all creation sings, the heart of worship finds expression, transforming the inner man and overflowing its spiritual life into the dry crevices of humanity. Enjoy and experience the supernatural power of music and take a quantum leap into worship!