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Diamond Project - Delia Knox (CD)
Diamond Project - Delia Knox (CD)

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With determination she brought forth her Alabaster Box and with a distinct touch came back whole again. Now she walks in destiny with The Diamo The Diamond Project, Delia’s long awaited new release!

The Diamond Project is a journey of passionate devotion and falling in love with the Lord at a higher dimension. It is extravagant worship, lavishly offered unto Him who sits upon the throne and unto the Lamb. In this intimate account, Delia explores the many facets of our Holy God in the sanctuary where He now dwells.

Unquestionably, this jewel of the trilogy, The Diamond Project, testifies of a faith that lives in the invisible and of one who walks with God.

This features 12 songs by Delia Knox.

Songs include:
It's Time to Dance/Shabach
To Know You
The Diamond Turns
Holy, Holy, Holy
One Night with the King
I'm Overwhelmed
Lord You're Holy
I Yield to You
Found In the Secret Place
Prelude - Imagine/Intro Adian Cruz
Image (Reflection of You)
You've been Good to Me
David Danzaba
Frasco de Alabastro