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His Majesty Requests - Rebecca Totilo (Paperback)

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... The Honor of Your Presence With one sip from the betrothal cup she
vows her devotion. But while the groom is away preparing a place for
her, the beguiling advances of another threaten the bride's wedding
plans.  Like flipping pages through a wedding album, the rich imagery in
His Majesty Requests paints a vivid portrait of who the Beloved bride
truly is and how she makes herself ready for the marriage supper of the
Lamb.  By matting and framing the story of one father's desire to find a
suitable wife for his son in ancient Israel, the mystery of God's love
for Jews and non-Jews throughout the ages is revealed.    This
devotional beautifully illuminates the spiritual significance of the
ancient Hebrew wedding customs and how the Messiah fulfilled each one.
As family heirlooms, many of these traditions such as bride price and
the veil may be recognizable, while others will flash new insight into
the teachings and ways of a Jewish Savior. The restoration and
brilliance of these lost pictures are sure to fill the believer's heart
with a renewed love for their Heavenly Bridegroom.