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Rebecca At The Well 2 Book Set - Rebecca Totilo (Paperback)

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This two book set includes:

Anoint with Oil - Rebecca Totilo (Paperback)

If you were taught by church leaders that anointing with oil ceased during Old Testament times, or that it is simply "symbolic" and has no power or significance today, you may be missing beauty and depth in your spiritual journey. Anointing with oil brings real benefits into your life, such as promotion, discernment, sensitivity, fruitfulness, and declaration. In Anoint With Oil, Rebecca Park Totilo shares an aromatic and sacred expedition through the scriptures, showing the purpose of anointing with oil, the methods used in the Bible and their symbolism, the ingredients of the holy anointing oil, and the uses of essential oils mentioned in the Old and New Testaments. Discover new scents within these pages and find out: - Why the right ear, right thumb, and right big toe? - What is the mysterious fifth ingredient of the holy anointing oil? - Which oils did Jesus anoint with? - Who performs the anointing ritual? - How can I benefit

Heal with Oil - Rebecca Totilo (Paperback)

During ancient times, spices, resins and other aromatics were an integral part of the Hebraic culture. People of the Holy Land understood the use of fragrant plants in maintaining wellness and physical healing, as well as the plant's oil to enhance their spiritual state in worship, prayer and confession, and for cleansing and purification from sin. Since the creation, fragrant oils have been inhaled, applied to the body, and taken internally in which the benefits extended to every aspect of their being. Buried within the passages of scriptures lies a hidden treasure - possibly every man's answer to illness and disease. Now you can learn their secret and discover how to transform your life and walk in divine health. In this expanded edition of Heal with Oil, Certified Aromatherapist Rebecca Park Totilo reveals various aspects for every fragrance mentioned in the Bible. You will discover each oil's: • Rich biblical history and/or pagan roots • Spiritual significance, symbolism and hidden meaning • Healing properties including traditional uses, medicinal properties, and applications • Scripture references, Hebrew or Greek meaning, and usage Based on science and research, over 30 essential oil datasheets are included showing the breakdown of the chemical components, helping you to identify the oil's therapeutic benefits with safety information.