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A Portrait of the Bride: The Shulamite - Rebecca Totilo (Paperback)

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Hollywood calls thick, voluptuous lips true beauty-but this is a far cry
from what your Heavenly Bridegroom considers beautiful. Eyes soft and
innocent as doves, cheeks like pomegranates, a neck like the tower of
David-now, that's what He calls a knockout!  Discover eight spiritual
beauty secrets outlined in Song of Solomon 4:1-7 and learn what Yeshua
desires to see in the Bride of Christ.   A Portrait of the Bride: The
Shulamite lifts the veil on Solomon's rich symbolism, as Rebecca reveals
the hidden "sod" in Hebrew, giving an extreme makeover to those
characteristics that are a "must have" for believers.  So, put down the
Botox® and learn what you must attain in order to become a part of the
sanctified remnant.