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October Love Gift

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Product Code: LG10OCT17

How can you help others know and use their spiritual gifts to serve the body of Christ?

This ready-to-use PowerPoint explains each of the spiritual gifts in the Bible and includes a printable spiritual gifts quiz to help you (and those you teach) find out their spiritual gifts.
Packed with dozens of stunning graphics, charts, and simple summaries, this full-color presentation makes it easy to understand and teach on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Whether you are gifted in teaching and leadership or mercy and serving, each gift of the Holy Spirit is vital and none is more important than others. No matter what your giftedness is, you play an important role in strengthening the church!
With this Ready-to-Use Spiritual Gifts PowerPoint, you will find out:
• The meaning and purpose of each spiritual gift
• Who the Holy Spirit is and what role He plays in our lives
• Which spiritual gifts you (and those you teach) have and how to use them to minster to others (Printable spiritual gifts test included)
• The relationship between spiritual gifts and the building up of the church
• Why spiritual gifts are important
Great for
• Individual study
• Discipleship
• Small Group or Sunday School class
• Christian School
• Homeschoolers
• New Believers' class
• Church library
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For a donation of any amount this month, receive the October Love Gift
Size: 8.5"x 5.5" unfolds to 38" long. Fits inside most Bible covers.
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